February 15 2020 – April 15 2020

The end of winter and spring time Ocean River Midwifery will be offering her services on Curacao. Marjolein will be offering these at the beautiful The Space Curacao, Hoogstraat 32 in Otrabanda, Curacao.
Services that will be offered at The Space:

  • Midwifery consultations
  • Birth Preparation sessions
  • Maori Massage for Birth Preparation including partner instructions
  • Arvigo® therapy
  • Opu Hulu Hawaiian belly massage
  • Intuitive massage
  • From Partner to Parent – pregnancy, birth and postpartum preparation course

Services offered on location:

  • Doula services
  • Kraamzorg / Professional Postpartum Care
  • Moxa Postpartum session
  • Mexican Closing Ceremony
  • Moroccan Postpartum session
  • End of Life Doula services
November 2019 – february 2020

During the autumn & winter time Ocean River Midwifery is open for sessions, consultations and Arvigo® massages in the Netherlands. Location: Amsterdam.

Marjolein has formed a trinity with her sister Lievnath Faber and Oda Meiberg. Together they form Alchemy of New Life and have made a brand new course for expecting parents. From January 7th 2020 till February 11th Alchemy of New Life’s new course ‘From Partner to Parent’ is launching at Malamalomi in Amsterdam. It’s the first course  that includes more than just preparing for the birth itself. Check our new website for upcoming events regarding our course.

Welcome to Ocean River Midwifery

My name is Marjolein Riet Faber and I believe that birth belongs to the mother.
My purpose is to restore the matriarchal foundation in our society. To remind our communities to live in peace, respect and in balance with our surrounding nature, with each other and most of all, with ourselves.

Women are the source of life, they have the possibility to grow the next generation inside their wombs. It is my passion to support women on their journeys and by supporting them supporting their families and the community around them.

The way we are born creates a life-time imprint that engraves experiences into our DNA. The way we approach menarche, conception, pregnancy, birth, post partum and all other cycles of life gives the opportunity to empower women and their families. And with them empower generations to come.

As a midwife I provide a range of services to support young women, mothers(-to be) and our elders on their journey to fulfill their wishes regarding reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, post partum and beyond.

Apart from being a midwife I am also an author, public speaker, certified Arvigo® practitioner, post partum care specialist, coach, mentor, teacher and End of Life doula.

A little bit about me

I was born in Israel and raised in the Netherlands into a multi cultural family. My  heritage spans wide across the globe with Tunisian, Egyptian, Dutch and Frisian ancestral roots.

At the end of my midwifery training I traveled to a far, small and beautiful island in the Andaman Sea. It was in honor of a dear friend of mine, who was also a doula and water birth specialist. She had passed shy of a week before the departure. It was her seat I was gifted as part of the heritage she left behind. For seven weeks that island became my home. I was living in a small bamboo hut in the forest at the beach. I would hear the sound of the waves at night and enjoy the early rays warming the sand in the morning. Witnessing the cycle of the moon so close due to the absence of electrical light at night and knowing wether the moon was New or Full by being able to see my feet in the grass walking back to the hut. Everyday in the afternoon I would walk along the shore, listen to the cicadas and looking for shiva eye shells in the sand. I would sink into my thoughts and ask myself what it means to be a midwife; how do I want to contribute to this world through this lost art, the art of midwifery, that I was just starting to discover? Many a times I was challenged and invited to revisit all that I had learned, all that was expected of me ‘back home’, and all that I believed in, which weren’t always aligned with each other. It was on one of these walks that one day I found a very small shive eye, with such perfect lines, spiraling all the way inward. There was something about this one. It brought me a message, a name, which popped right up and was spoken into existence, Ocean River Midwiferyand I realized this arrived to me with the purpose of naming my practice this way.
Water was a strong presence for me during that journey, the journey I made on that island, of transitioning into becoming a midwife. Water has been a strong presence for me and in my work ever since. Women finding comfort in water, babies being born into water, the water of the mikve after menses, and the water that is used in the Jewish cleansing ritual of preparing the dead for burial. Water is Life. And Death. And therefor so fitting for my practice to carry this name. A short while after finding this shiva-eye-telegram from the universe a very special boy was born on that island. He was the first child that came onto this earth on that island since 21 years. The sea was wild and the tides changed that night. He was born into the water, in a pool, in a hut on the beach. The birth of this baby, named River, and the journey that led me there was my birth of becoming a midwife. I had concluded my training and I was ready to go back and carry the duty of restoring the lost art of being present to what needs to be unfold.

The teachings I have received along the way of becoming and being a midwife have made me into who I am today. I have witnessed many women birthing their babies into this world and with that the amazing power that resides in all of us. It is this that I witness in my clients and remind them of when they have lost sight of it themselves.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my work supporting women through their cycles of life. I hope you enjoy taking a look around on my website and let me know if I can assist you in any way on your life’s journey. Feel free to reach out through the contact form on the contact page. I currently reside in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and have an active travel itinerary teaching abroad about midwifery, post partum and end of life wisdom, knowledge and practices.